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Hersh Packing & Rubber

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Hersh Packing has a full in house gasketing shop for all your gasketing needs!

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Custom Cut Gaskets


Custom Made Dies

We Stock 150# and 300# flange gaskets in various materials and styles

Our large inventory of raw material allows us to be fast and flexible

Hersh Packing has been a Garlock distributor for over 20 years!

Materials Normally Stocked
Garlock Style C4401/C4430 Klinger Red Rubber Sheet
2900 Cork and Buna Sheet Red Silicone 50 Duro
3000 Diaphragm Sheet SCE42 Sponge Sheet
3200 EPDM Sheet Tan Gum
3500 Felt Vegetable Fiber Sheet
3545 Fiberglass Cloth Virgin Teflon Sheet
3565 Gray Vulcanized Fiber Viton B
9800 Neoprene 50 and 60 Duro Viton Commercial Grade
9900 Nitrile Sheet White FDA Nitrile Sheet

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